AUGMENTED AMERICA Playing Cards. Two decks with augmented reality… and fiction

From time to time we find projects that show that passion for well done work goes beyond creating beautiful playing cards or great illustrations. The project I bring today is much more than that. It’s an incredible combination of illustration, art, history, technology, science fiction and artistic imagination: AUGMENTED AMERICA.

It is undeniable that Povilas Daknys and his Exoplanet team have entered the world of card crowdfunding through the main gate. In this first campaign they offer us two decks inspired by the history and future of the United States of America, with an educational background but full of artistic talent.

The HISTORY deck features historical facts and curiosities on cards carefully illustrated by Nathaniel Rueda in a very personal and colorful style. The facts have been rigorously selected in collaboration with experts in History. This combination of knowledge and design will enhance the pedagogical use of these cards for all ages encouraging participants to play and interact by learning key milestones of American history.



The FUTURE deck is a display of visionary inspiration in which its creators developed the most varied (and curious) theories about what the long-term future holds for us. An apocalyptic vision describes an unflattering social, cultural, political and technological evolution, in addition to other more fun facts to compensate for a fatal fate. Imagination will lead players to engage with future scenarios.



The traditional limits of the use of playing cards are blurred in this proposal with more than 100 cards to create new games, educational experiences, card magic tricks or artistic inspiration.

But this is not all. Together with the deck, the creative team has designed an augmented reality application to take the contents and objectives of each and every one of the cards even further. Images, 3D animations, additional information, … everything appears by magic when viewing the cards through the screen of a mobile device.



Can you ask for more? Yes, the best quality printing, and this will be ensured by the USPCC.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting proposals this year and you cannot miss it. Visit the project website and raise your pledge. In addition, you will be able to participate in the election of the jokers of both decks through a survey.

Good luck!