The Frontier Playing Cards. Two new decks with an old style hand-drawn wildlife


At late 19th Century, it was almost impossible to take photographs of the wild nature because of the slow exposure time of the cameras, so the hand drawings were the only option to capture the beauty of the animal species.

This deck pays tribute to those illustrations and depicts old-style hand-drawn designs in an old style Bicycle deck: The Frontier deck.



Will Pitney and Jason Mannon bring us a beautiful deck, specially for those fans of cards, vintage Bicycle decks, and wildlife. The designs represent a group of wild animals, hand made in a traditional style, what means an additional effort made by the artist in order to capture the techniques from back in the old days. Furthermore they have chosen the original Bicycle Expert Back deck logo to give this deck an older atmosphere.



There will be not only one but two decks, as just one deck is not enough for all the fauna to be shown. So, the Frontier original deck will feature woodland creatures (hooves, birds, critters and bears), the Predator edition will add nature’s hunters (birds of prey, snakes, dogs and cats) to this stunning collection. That means there will be two editions of two completely different decks, not just a back color change.



Obviously, these Bicycle decks will be printed by the USPCC. You can’t miss them so go to the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!