BICYCLE PRISM GILDED deck. A unique gilding with brilliant color shines

Exploring new materials to create stunning cards, the USPCC printed an experimental deck using a new gilding technique. Instead of the classic gold or silver gilding, this new technique provides a beautiful and amazing iridescent and shiny finish on the deck side.

This prototype, of which only 48 units were produced, was very successful among fans and collectors of Bicycle cards so Collectable Playing Cards has partnered up with USPCC to create a new (but larger) limited edition for the BICYCLE PRISM GILDED deck.



This is a reprint of the original cards, a Bicycle deck with standard sides and black Rider Back within an impressive tuck case manufactured in a new glossy multicolor “prism” stock, embossed and  that has also a die cut on the side (to admire the effect of the deck side inside).


PrismGilded_tuckfront PrismGilded_diecutPrismGilded_tuckback


The project has been a success, funded in a few hours. Despite being a bit pricey compared with a normal deck, discounts for bigger quantities are quite good and some levels are already sold out. So, if you like, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!