BICYCLE NEON RIDER BACK Playing Cards. The classic deck with an explosion of color and design

The Bicycle brand has already found its own space in the world of playing card collecting and production. The mythical Rider Back has become, after more than 130 years, one of the most iconic in history and perhaps the most popular among magicians and players. Hundreds, even thousands of custom decks have been made with the Rider Back, which was legally shielded in 2018 through a company policy developed by the USPCC that prohibited any type of transformation (beyond color changes). Now, an interesting project has just been launched with this legendary back: BICYLE NEON RIDER BACK.

Card-Addiction is an American online store that has taken a great business leap by creating an ambitious project to produce Bicycle branded playing cards with the rider back, using Pantone Neon inks, with vibrant colors that react under ultraviolet black light. At a time when the production of Bicycle decks is more complex and expensive than ever, this team of passionate people has launched a campaign with nothing but three decks of different colors and very limited print runs.

They wanted to give the deck its own personality so the court cards have been completely redesigned with a more stylized, modern and, above all, colorful style.




Three different neon colors have been chosen for the editions: pink, green and yellow. All react spectacularly under black light.



The aces replace the traditional red and black with neon colors. Each deck will have two aces of spades, the traditional Bicycle one and a custom one.



The numbered cards keep their playability while respecting the classic colors.



The jokers have also been redesigned with a fun twist.



The tuck cases make the decks completely recognizable, with the elements of the traditional Rider Back, matching the colors of each edition.



In addition, numbered perforated seals have been designed with neon inks that will number each of the 1000 decks of these very limited editions.



For the most serious collectors, there will also be very limited editions of 300 gilded decks. In addition to the exclusivity of the stunning gilding, each deck will be encased in a specially designed die-cut sleeves with a perforated holographic numbered seal.



If the project reaches its stretch goals, many surprises will be unlocked, including two more editions in orange and blue with their corresponding gilded versions.



Everything will be printed by the USPCC (except deck covers with metal edges).

Bicycle fans, magicians, collectors, players, … everyone has an appointment with a very special campaign that deserves to do really well. If you want to be part of it, visit BICYLE NEON RIDER BACK the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!