BICYCLE MATADOR Playing Cards. An unequal fight between man and bull

A show full of passion and beauty for some, a senseless bloody slaughter for others, the bullfight is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and well-known in the world. Born in Spain at the end of the 18th century, bullfighting has forged an important part of the art and culture of the Iberian Peninsula and other Latin American countries. However, this important source of national culture has also been a source of controversy and rejection that has led to the prohibition of this celebration in some regions. Beyond these disagreements, the new decks by Will Roya ( pay tribute to their protagonists: BICYCLE MATADOR.

In a new collaboration with Juniardi Satyanagara, these cards try to catch the essence of bullfighting by showing some of its elements in a completely customized deck.

The aces show four brave and festooned bulls before going into the ring.



The court cards include a group of 12 bullfighters, brave men and women, with their capes, banderillas and swords ready to finish the animal off.



The “rejoneadores” on horseback armed with their lances are depicted in the jokers.



The symmetrical back also depicted in the the tuck case is a composition made with a bull’s head and a classic ornate decoration. As with most Will Roya creations, the deck includes two gaff cards for card magic, double face and double backer (different in each edition).



Two editions of the deck have been made, with the same faces and different tuck cases and backs in black and red colors.



The cards have been printed by the USPCC with air cushion finish in a limited edition of 1000 decks.

Only 200 units are available since the rest have been sent to the members of the Pip Box Club and other dealers.

In addition, to celebrate the launch, during this weekend the deck will have a 25% off in Take advantage to get some more decks of their extensive catalog as they also have a New Year’s selection on clearance.

Good luck!