Passione Playing Cards. Style and Design Made In Italy


If you put together a playing cards collector and lover and a talented artist what you get can have only one name: Passion, but if they both are Italian what you get is Passione.

That’s exactly the case of Riccardo Conturbia and Maurizio Toccafondi, the collector and the artist together to fund a new playing card brand. Passione has been created to work mainly with Italian artists in order to link the playing cards industry with the talent of Italian creators.



Their first work is “Love is a Smoke“, illustrated by Marco Guerrieri, an experienced artist which created the “Christmas Edition” completely sold out in their site. Now, they are revamping the design to create something completely different keeping its classy style. The new deck will be released at the end of February in kickstarter. They plan to use Make Playing Cards as they want to try with the high-gloss polymer embossing technology MPC released with their Impressions campaign. They will make a booklet and they have revealed Max Playing Cards that the tuck box will be something completely different to what it has been done before.



After this campaign, they plan to release a new deck in May-June. This deck is in progress and its name will be Teliad. Teliad is a fantasy themed deck and three artists are involved in its creation. Federico Bollo is the illustrator, Maurizio Toccafondi manages the graphics and the colors, and Jari di Benedetto, a new collaborator, will work with the lettering. You can enjoy a “teaser” in exclusive for MaxPC’s readers. Everything will be customized, from pips to courts, and the artwork will be completed in the following weeks.



So, you will have soon good news about this group of people whose strength is the teamwork. They are young in this market but they really want to leave they mark. Keep in touch and I will keep you updated about their progress.

Good luck!