A Deck of Skeletons. More alive than ever in vintage style cards


Mike Willcox is a musician, painter and illustrator, and he has spent two years working on a deck of cards: The deck of skeletons.

This deck is fully hand illustrated using and old-fashioned style and himself as the model for the portraits (no, Mike is not an skeleton, something that has more artistic merit).



The skeletons in the court cards are more alive than ever, with poses that remind different characters, from gypsies to sailors, but connected in some way through a an underlying story. Pips and numbered cards have also that old style with a worn out feeling. I hope we can see soon the tuck box Mike is designing.

The deck will be printed by Make Playing Cards (MPC) using their 310gsm stock and linen finish. This printer will allow Mike to decide the exact number of decks he needs after the campaign without a high minimum.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!