The International Cardistry Open. One hundred decks in prizes


The ICO (International Cardistry Open) is a worldwide championship which will both find one of the greatest cardist in the world and also encourage beginners to join in the fun.

There will be prizes for the winners of both the beginner and veterans classes with a total of about 60 decks going to the winner, a brick to the winner of the beginners class and giveaways to random entrants and non entrants

It starts on the 1st of August and will run until the 22nd of September. The winners of both the veterans and beginners class will be announced on the 27th of September.

World Kardistry Champion Jaspas Deck and Card artist and Videographer Lance T Miller will be judges for the Veterans class.

Aussie Cardist Eli Retschlag, and will be judges for the beginners class.



The ICO has a prize pool of nearly 100 decks, some rare and collectable, donated by organizers and sponsors (including Max Playing Cards). How can you win? Join over at The International Cardistry Open.

The registration finishes tomorrow 31st of July (Australian EST) so if you are interested on participating, you have no second to lose.