FUNGI MYSTIC MUSHROOMS Playing Cards. Play and collect, but, just in case, do not eat them…

Will Roya ( does not rest in summer and wanted us to enjoy a new and original deck: FUNGI MYSTIC MUSHROOMS.

This mysterious name hides some very original designs where the protagonists are not medieval knights or ladies but flashy and hypnotic fluorescent colored fungi. It is a very unconventional style and a risky bet by Will that does not give up trying to offer us something different.



Court cards, aces and jokers represent symmetrical illustrations of different fungi species, organisms with many biological peculiarities presented in these cards in a very colorful and striking way. The designs have been made by Azured Ox, who has already worked with Will in the Friendly Felines deck.



The dark backgrounds serve as a canvas for multicolored fluorescent clouds that, like the back, will undoubtedly create very beautiful fans.



The deck keeps its playability through the standard indexes and will be also a curious collector’s item.

In addition to the standard edition, another one with an orange tuck case and a different back will be unlocked as a stretch goal. Cards will be printed by The USPCC in their classic stock and finish.



If you like the designs, the prices are quite affordable (you can even get the deck for only $6 during the first day). Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!