AREA 51 v2 Playing Cards. The best kept secrets about extraterrestrial life

Although 3rd dominion has been in the card design market for more than two years, the Area 51 project, launched in early 2021, was a turning point in their development. Now, they have just released a new edition of those popular decks: AREA 51 v2.

In these cards, the creators explore their own conspiracy theories about the secret facilities of Area 51 in which there would be several levels. If in the original editions showed the human and alien levels, these ones take a step further into their science fiction world with technobeasts and transhumanoids levels.

Each of the two levels, technobeasts, in blue, and transhumanoids, in yellow, come in two different editions: classic and weird. The essential difference between the two is the tuck case, with a traditional design in the classic edition and a unique opening system based on the principles of origami in the weird edition. All tuck cases have been made with high quality materials, colored papers, embossing and foiling.



The cards have been completely customized following that futuristic technology setting. The aces, jokers and backs are different in both levels, while they share the court cards with characters that appear to have come out of a science fiction novel. The use of metallic inks will enhance the designs on faces and backs.



Also, as a stretch goal (almost about to be unlocked) a holographic edition with a different tuck case will be added in a limited print run of 400 decks.



It is also possible to get the very last sets of the previous campaigns (Area 51 and Ghost of Kyiv).

The decks will be printed by Noir Arts (NPCC) in a limited edition to the needs of the project.

If you want to enjoy this adventure, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!