AREA 51 Playing Cards. A deck made with human and extraterrestrial technology

During the cold war, the United States created Area 51, a top secret military base in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the existence of which was denied until 2012, when documents showing its structure and location were declassified. Its objective was the development of aerial spy technologies. Popular culture has turned this place into an inexhaustible source of legends about UFO sightings and experiments with aliens. Inspired by this mix of secret reality and science fiction comes a new deck: AREA 51.

In these cards, our friends of 3rd dominion exploit their own conspiracy theories about the secret facilities of Area 51 in which there would be several levels for, on the one hand, the development of human technologies and, on the other, the study of extraterrestrial technologies. These two levels, human and alien, are thus represented by two decks.

For the human level, the CLASSIC edition has been chosen, in red and blue colors, with angular designs that represent elements that could be from alien ships or prototypes of secret planes.



Very special tuck cases have been designed for the WEIRD edition in the alien level, with a unique opening system based on the principles of origami construction. The designs of the classic decks become deeper when they unfold like the wings of an aircraft when the case is opened. They also include shiny foils in both red and blue versions.



The cards have been completely customized following that futuristic technology setting. The aces and jokers are different in both editions, while they share the court cards with characters that appear to have come out of a science fiction novel.



The back is symmetrical and shows an abstract composition of technological inspiration.



The decks will be printed by Noir Arts (NPCC) in a limited edition to the needs of the project.

If you want to enjoy this space adventure, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!