SOCCER CITY Playing Cards. Two decks to score a goal

Lisandro Nembrini and Gonzalo Rodrigo are two young guys based in Madrid (Spain) who enjoy table games and football.  They made this hobby a passion and together founded a small company, Elege Ibérica, to offer their ideas. Thus, they created in 2013 an original board game called Soccer City that was a success in Spain and became also quite popular internationally thanks to a succesfull Kickstarter campaign. Based on that game, they have decided to create the SOCCER CITY Playing Cards.




With original retro-style illustrations made by Jorge Consuegra, and inspired by the board game, these decks can be used for both poker cards based traditional games and board games, using an expansion kit also offered in the campaign.

Two different decks have been created for this project. The ACTIONS deck, that uses illustrations from the original game, compiles in its suits tackles, dribbles, shots on goal
and goalkeeper saves. The SYMBOLS deck, completely redesigned with a traditional deck layout, has been customized in the faces and the back and the classic suits have been replaced by balls, boots, gloves and cups.



Very original cards, printed in the EU, that will delight soccer fans, card collectors and, of course, card players and table gamers.

In addition, the few remaining units of their original board game are offered in this campaign as complements. Do not hesitate and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!