Fifth Deception deck. Magic and Illusion


Eric Stevens loves playing cards. Not only as a magician and collector, but also because he loves looking at decks from a design standpoint. He enjoys wondering what the artists were thinking when they created the cards, and how they decided upon such intricate details. For that reason, he has designed the Fifth Deception deck.



He has created a deck with two things in mind. The first was the style. He wants a deck that could pass for something you might pick up in an old shop, something that would not arouse too much suspicion when performing magic, something that embodied a vintage/Victorian-era feel. In other words, the deck needed to be while still bringing to mind a classic perception of the old days when deception and artifice was concealed by skilled beauty.



Secondly, he wanted to create a deck not only beautiful and collector-worthy, but which also embodied something which has defined his career as a magician: the seven basic principles of magic and deception (so wonderfully outlined by Penn and Teller): Palming, Ditching, Stealing, Loading, Simulation, Misdirection and Switching.

The “Fifth Deception” playing cards represent the fifth principle: Simulation. Eric considers that this of all the concepts is the most important because magicians make a living presenting one thing as something else entirely.

Fifth Deception, printed by USPCC, will be a limited edition of 2500 decks. It will be made up of 56 totally custom playing cards, from the pips to the court cards: 52 standard cards, 2 Jokers and 2 gaff cards for magicians

The deck will be released late July on Kickstarter. I will add here the link as soon as it is available.

[youtube pcjkgVuGozU]