Bacon Playing Cards. A very crisp deck


A succulent proposal. Wesley Klein (Baconery) and David Goldklang (Vända Playing Cards) have teamed up to create the tastiest cards ever designed: Bacon Playing Cards.

Inspired on bacon, the main ingredient of Baconery, this fantastic team have created three decks of cards:

  1. Bacon deck: a completely customized poker deck of standard playing cards
  2. Bakin’ with Bacon game: a card game based on bacon recipes
  3. Bacon deck gold edition: a new deck created along the campaign with cool metallic inks, embossed tuckbox and bacon-scented deck seal.

If funded, the USPCC will print a limited edition of 2,500 decks on Bicycle card stock and Magic finish.

This is a great project, an original and fresh (and crisp) idea and a cool design for a very special cards. Have a look to the images and enjoy the artwork.

Visit the project website to raise your pledge that can include not only decks but also po(r)ker chips, uncuts and even… delicious chocolate bacon!!!

Don’t miss it. There are just a  few days left.

Good luck!