Launch of BICYCLE WOOD RIDER BACK Playing Cards. Saw and sandpaper ready!

Some months ago I announced in exclusive for my awesome readers the imminent appearance of my new deck in the TEXTURE SERIES. After solving all the issues and difficulties with the USPCC, all the artwork has been approved and it is ready for printing. The project has been just launched: BICYCLE WOOD RIDER BACK Deck.

In 2015, the TEXTURE SERIES arrived to give the BICYCLE RIDER BACK a new twist and become the hallmark of Max Playing Cards. After seeing many color combinations, the Texture Series offered a new style for poker nights, magic tricks, cardistry and collection with something never done before.




The Bicycle Wood Rider back is the second deck of the series and a reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle RIDER BACK deck using a set of textures to give the cards a realistic wooden aspect.




I have invested hundreds of hours in this design (and I have thrown away a few editions) to offer you one of the most amazing Rider Backs in the world. Every detail has been taken care of to make this deck a realistic wooden deck made of the best paper stock.

The cards have been customized with wood theme using burned, carved and printed wood effects.




Printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded, cards will have the fantastic air-cushion finish and the tuck case will be printed inside and debossed to give it a much more realistic aspect.




This first print run will be also numbered to make it more exclusive. If the deck is reprinted the seal won’t be numbered.




Although it is a highly collectible deck, the WOOD DECK has been designed thinking of magicians and card routines. For that reason, it has many features that allow magic tricks using only the deck or combining it with other rider back decks (including, of course, the Metal deck):

  • Subtle one way cards with a two ways aspect
  • Joker reveal
  • Card reveal on tuck box
  • Double back gaff card
  • Motion feature on corner screws


WD_JokerReveal WD_CornerAnimation2


Collectable Playing Cards has launched this simple campaign with just one deck and a lot of passion. If you want to be part of this magic, visit the project website and make it real raising your pledge.

Thank you!