VOODOO Playing Cards. Disturbing skulls with a top hat

After successfully funding his first deck Hypnotik on Kickstarter,  Sven Philipp (Spielkartenshop.com) has teamed up again with  Sam Hayles (DOSEprod) to offer a new and interesting deck: VOODOO.

Sam is especially known for his disturbing designs in which skeletons and skulls are protagonists. This dark and mysterious aesthetic perfectly matches the inspiring source source of this deck, voodoo, an ancestral belief considered one of the oldest religions in the world.



The illustrations are extremely striking and fundamentally monochromatic, except for the presence of red in diamonds and hearts. Maintaining a traditional pattern, the cards have been completely customized, with a worn look on the edges and elaborate designs on hypnotic backgrounds.



The Cartamundi factory in Belgium will use its True Linen B9 finish to print these cards.

The campaign has already been funded so if you like, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!