DELAND CENTENNIAL Playing Cards. The decks that “marked” the beginning of great card magic

Theodore DeLand was one of the great pioneers of gaff cards and marked decks. In the early twentieth century, he manufactured hundreds of tricks and decks that have endured throughout magic history. Now, the company internationally well-known for and selling online playing cards and magic, Penguin Magic, has decided to pay tribute to the great magician with the reprints of two of his decks: DELAND CENTENNIAL.

For this project, Penguin Magic has teamed up with the magician, designer and expert on marked decks Phill Smith. The starting point has been two of DeLand’s creations, the Daisy and Nifty decks, first printed in 1919, exactly 100 years ago. Both decks have been completely and carefully redrawn and improved with new features.

In the design section, the borderless elaborate backs of both decks have been reproduced, adding to them some extra elements (which go completely unnoticed) to provide more information.



The faces have been completely redrawn without losing their vintage essence and the beauty of the asymmetry and imperfection of the time.



The tuck cases have a completely new design that combines a retro look with a more modern elegance.



In addition to the standard decks, 500 collector sets will be created with two decks with improved tuck cases (better stock and gold foil) inside a nice collector box also foiled in the lid.



In the magic section, the decks hide a huge amount of secrets thanks to the improvements made on the marking system with more than 500 marks that allow, through simple techniques, to identify not only suits and values but also more complex sequences and calculations.



In the technical section, the USPCC will print these decks with their best stock and finish and the traditional cut which will give the cards much better handling in expert hands.

Other extras such as custom seals or gilded edges in the collector set will be unlocked as stretch goals.

If you are a magician and you want to give a retro and elegant touch to your routines, or you are looking for a special and historical set for your collection, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!