Bicycle Cthulhu deck by Cthulhu Project. Too much Cthulhu? I don’t think so…


I’m almost sure no one will be surprised to hear about a deck dedicated to the world of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos . Almost half dozen Bicycle decks inspired by the famous writer have been produced or will be produced shortly. This is the Bicycle Cthulhu deck created by a Spanish group of fans of Lovecraft that decided to found the Cthulhu project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the death of the writer creating products based on the author and his myths.



As you can see in the images, the deck is quite different to those seen before about this theme. The cards are fresh and fun, designed by the Mexican artist Anita Mejía.



This is not only a poker deck for any classic game (or collection) but also a part of a board game with its own rules and some complements like the “sanity tokens ” or an impressive collector’s Cthulhu figure created by Daniel Ritthanondh to store the whole game elements.



The project has just been released and it will be a success among Lovecraft fans, collectors and players. The deck will be, of course, printed by the USPCC.

You can get more information and raise your pledge in the project page.

Good luck!