HUSTLING JOE and YE WITCHES Playing Cards. Interesting reproductions of the late Nineteenth Century

After achieving a fantastic success with the reproductions of Vanity and Faro decks, Will Roya strikes back with an exciting project with two new reproductions: HUSTLING JOE and YE WITCHES.

Hustling Joe No.61 deck was first produced by the USPCC in 1895 and modified later in a second edition to correct some mistakes. The designs are comical and inspired by the relationship between playing cards and the scams, represented by the character “Joe” in the Ace of Spades. All the cards are profusely decorated with illustrations in a transformation deck style (although this is not strictly a transformation deck).




Ye Witches No 62 was created as a semi-transformation fortune telling deck in which each card incorporates its own symbolism and meaning. It was printed by the USPCC in 1896.




For the campaign, both decks have been remastered from the original designs with digital painting techniques in another collaboration between and Azured OX.

Like in the previous campaign, two different back colors have been chosen for each deck: Hustling Joe in green and blue and Ye Witches in red and teal.



In addition, it is possible to add gilded edges for a quite reasonable extra. This will make the decks even more exclusive because the print run of these will be quite lower. The standard decks will have red seal while the gilded decks will have blue seal. For the most avid collectors that means a total of 8 different versions (2 different decks, two backs and cases for each deck and two options, standard and gilded, for each of the four).



All decks will be printed by the USPCC in a limited and one time edition.

The prices are really affordable, especially till next SUNDAY with awesome early birds. The campaign is already funded so rush and get your piece of history, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!