AMBASSADORS Playing Cards by Lotrek. Luxury available to everyone

The number of decks created by Lotrek (OATH Playing Cards) is difficult to know. His desire to bring his fans a perfect blend of creative beauty and meticulous craftsmanship has led him down narrow paths in which he has had to overcome many obstacles. After a few complicated months, his most luxurious creations are already reaching the hands of his most fortunate followers. Now he is launching a campaign to make his art arrive to many more places: AMBASSADORS.

The two decks of the collector’s edition of Ambassadors was one of those luxurious editions, with foiled backs and pearlescent stock, launched a few days ago in a very limited edition.



In this new campaign, Lotrek offers the Players editions. Without giving up the beauty of custom designs and the luxurious look of the tuck cases and the intricate backs, these decks are a much more affordable alternative that will allow everyone to enjoy the art of Lotrek in decks for daily use.

Two different editions have been created for this campaign. The Standard Edition uses red and gold colors on the back with a white tuck case with foil accents and embossing.



The Limited Edition uses blue and green tones and will be numbered in a seal glued in the bottom so the deck can be opened and inspected without breaking it. No more than 1500 limited decks will be printed.



The cards will have the special touch of the artist, inspired by the traditional pattern but completely customized. The use of metallic inks will make them even more striking.



The back is simply cool.



The decks will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company at its factory in Taiwan with Classic finish.

Undoubtedly, a perfect opportunity to enjoy the art of Lotrek without worrying about your pocket. Of course, if you want, you can still get a few Collector’s Editions still available in the campaign. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!