The Persian Empire Bicycle deck. A second oportunity


Cy Arian is a designer that launched a very polemic project some months ago. He designed a deck based on the Persian Empire with a very interesting design and supposedly to be printed on Kem plastic cards. He was heavily criticized because there were some inconsistencies on the project related to his statements of the plastic stock and the funding goal, and also to the original artwork that, as it was stated later, it was a mix of photoshopped stock images with some personal hand drawn art additions.

Cy finally canceled that project and decided to take a time to think about all the mistakes he made in the previous campaign and relaunch a new project fixing everything. This project is called Bicycle Persian Empire deck.

From the very beginning of the project, Cy has stated the way he has designed the cards and the artwork of the deck is stunning. Design inspiration comes from the ancient cultures and old paper texture. It will be printed by USPCC under Bicycle brand.



The empire’s architectural design had a big roll in creating the Royal edition (as a stretch goal). The twelve petals flower ornament used in the city of Persepolis is the center point of the design.



If you like the artwork and the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!