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07 November

ARCADIA PRIDE OF PEACOCKS Playing Cards. The beauty and majesty of the bird of royalty

Arcadia Playing Cards, a new and young company, was born out of a passion for playing cards and design. Their new work combines elegance and refinement in the first deck of the series: ARCADIA PRIDE OF PEACOCKS. The inspiration comes from the Peacock, majestic bird symbol of royalty and immortality. Its symbolic meaning has been linked to great civilizations such as the Persian culture, the one that gives the designs a special charm through elaborate patterns and elegant shapes. In…

04 January

Bicycle Surena. The art and the history of Persia. Fantastic OFFER for readers

    Surena means “The heroic one” and he was the commander in chief that represents a symbol of struggle, strength and victory in the quest for freedom and independence of the Persian people.     Diba Salimi is an artist that taking her inspiration from the art and the history of Persia, created a set of portraits and compiled them in a nice deck: Bicycle Surena Playing Cards.     Cards are based on Diba’s personal art project where…

09 August

The Persian Empire Bicycle deck. A second oportunity

  Cy Arian is a designer that launched a very polemic project some months ago. He designed a deck based on the Persian Empire with a very interesting design and supposedly to be printed on Kem plastic cards. He was heavily criticized because there were some inconsistencies on the project related to his statements of the plastic stock and the funding goal, and also to the original artwork that, as it was stated later, it was a mix of photoshopped…