ARCADIA PRIDE OF PEACOCKS Playing Cards. The beauty and majesty of the bird of royalty

Arcadia Playing Cards, a new and young company, was born out of a passion for playing cards and design. Their new work combines elegance and refinement in the first deck of the series: ARCADIA PRIDE OF PEACOCKS.

The inspiration comes from the Peacock, majestic bird symbol of royalty and immortality. Its symbolic meaning has been linked to great civilizations such as the Persian culture, the one that gives the designs a special charm through elaborate patterns and elegant shapes.

In the tuck case, the ace of spades encloses the Peacock under a decoration typical of Persian architecture. The back, full of symbolism, shows the faravahars, the protective spirits linked to royalty.



The court cards, although based on the traditional pattern, have been completely customized taking as reference Persian sculptures, paintings and murals. The characters also incorporate the feathers of the peacock as part of their clothing and accessories.



The printing will be carried out by Carta Mundi, in Belgium, using metallic inks in the cards and cold gold foil in the tuck case. B9 paper with linen finish, specially developed for magicians and cardists, will give the deck a very professional handling.

Without a doubt, beauty and quality come together in this interesting project. If you like it, visit the campaign website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!