ALPHA: the first minimal playing card deck made in Italy



Modiano is an old and well known Italian playing cards manufacturer, specially for those European collectors. This is the very first time I talk about a deck made by Modiano, and this is a special style never done before in that factory: ALPHA deck.

ALPHA is a deck where simplicity and elegance go together. Designed by Valerio Aversa, the deck reinterprets the classic poker suits from a minimalistic point of view. The back of the cards revisits the traditional Modiano’s back with a clean pattern based design.

There will be two different back colors (red and black) and a flag limited edition deck as a stretch goal reward with both decks in an Italian flag colors case.

If you like the minimalistic designs and want to taste the oldest Italian way of quality printing, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!