BICYCLE JADE Playing Cards. A green jewel full of magic and elegance

Among the precious stones, jade stands out for its veneration in the most ancestral cultures. The etymology of its name in Spanish already highlights its healing properties. Its use in utensils, beads and weapons for thousands of years has made this gem an object of enormous value that also attracts good luck. All its beneficial and magical properties have inspired the BICYCLE JADE Playing Cards.

Gambler’s Warehouse has released the latest deck designed by Shapeshifters, the masters of blending 2D and 3D techniques to create something unique. In a world full of envy and intrigue, four kingdoms fight for the power that the coveted gem will give them. This is the scenario in which the story told by these cards takes place.

The color and details have been wisely combined to create fantastic-inspired illustrations, in which the court cards show characters whose beauty does not detract from the courage they face with their weapons and armor made of metal and gemstones.



The back looks like a goldsmith’s work, in which the green jade stones are mounted on a complex structure of aged gold with a delicate symmetrical design.



Each card has been carefully designed to preserve the essence of the inspiration. Thinking on players and magicians, faces use white backgrounds for an easier identification. However, these backgrounds have been lavishly decorated with very elaborate but subtly presented structures to keep the cleanliness without sacrificing detail and exquisite elegance.

The harmony and balance of the greens is combined with the strength and energy of the reds to offer an intense color combination.



All this parade of fairytale warriors is enclosed in a tuck case turned into a jewel thanks to the most advanced design techniques. Without a doubt, the perfect container of these enchanted cards.



The Bicycle branded deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited edition of 2500 units.

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Good luck!