11 June

The Thunee deck. Art, history and tradition of the Indian culture


Thunee is a popular game originated in South Africa and invented by the Indian workers on the sugar cane plantations. Inspired by this game, a group of entrepeneurs called Trumpmen launches the Bicycle Thunee deck.

Making a deck like Thunee requieres not only talent for the design, but also a historic research to understand the origin of the game and to help the inspiration arrive.



The deck is nice and colorful, as India country is. The cards have been designed following patterns from the Indian culture, history and tradition and although the Thunee game is played with just 24 cards, the deck will have the full set of poker cards to give any player the opportunity to be part of this experience.

The deck, when funded, will be Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC. All in the deck has been customized and some extra features such as embossing or a custom seal will be added as stretch goals.

Enjoy the hi resolution images in the gallery. If you like what you see, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



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