Bicycle Hundred Years’ War Playing Cards. Don’t wait 100 years to win your game


Although it had two peace periods of almost 15 years, The Hundred Years’ War lasted 116 years and involved two French and English dynasties. Inspired on this conflict, SPAAAADE&Co. have launched their very first project: Bicycle Hundred Years’ War decks.

The designs used for these cards are elegant and elaborated. The aces depict the dynasties within the conflict, mixing the aces shapes with elements from their coats of arms. There has been a deep study of the symbolism and the historic characters of this war, that have been depicted in the court cards, in a clever combination of medieval costumes designs and the traditional court cards poses. The card back is beautiful and the visual aspect of the deck is strong and elegant at the same time.



There will be two editions for this deck, in two different colors: gold and silver. Apart from the quality of a Bicycle deck printed by the USPCC, there are some extras that will be added to these decks and will make them even more powerful such as embossing and gold and silver foil on tuck cases and other stretch goal features such as the metallic inks on cards and inner printed for the tuck case.

Enjoy the images of these beauties and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!