TUCAN Playing Cards. The colorful Mayan world opens its wings

Penguin Magic not only offers one of the widest variety of magic tricks and playing cads but also make their own productions with awesome items. They have recently launched a very special deck of cards: TUCÁN.

Inspired by the Mayan culture, the TUCÁN deck covers the iconography of this ancient and long-lived Mesoamerican civilization known for its art, architecture and writing.

This lighthearted interpretation of the ancient civilization includes colorful court cards in symmetrical compositions showing different characters from the social, cultural and military scene. It is possible to intuit their role in the history through their clothes and accessories.



The clean designs of the indexes and suits also include an original system based on the famous Mayan vigesimal numbering, another detail that shows a careful and thorough proposal.



The large aces are decorated with beautiful geometric patterns.



The jokers represent friendly shamans performing entertainment rituals.



In addition to giving the deck its name, both the back and the tuck case are dedicated to the Toucan, an iconic bird of the American continent known for its vivid colors and strident song.



The deck has been printed by the USPCC on its classic stock and Magic finish using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates on FSC certified paper sourced from sustainable forests. The deck also includes 2 gaffed cards for magical effects.

In addition to the 2500 print run of the standard edition, an ultra limited print run of 150 gilded decks has been printed.



The deck will start shipping from December, so if you want it, you just have to ORDER IT from Penguin Magic. Take advantage because it has more than a 15% discount on the official price. In addition, you can get more items from their stock as they offer free shipping for certain purchase amounts.

Good luck!