DYNASTY Playing Cards. Stilish decks Inspired by ancient oriental roots

Any fan of contemporary playing cards will find familiar the name of Brendan Hong. Illustrator and designer, he has always been associated to the work by Jackson Robinson and Kings Wild Project thanks to his constant collaborations and his fantastic job in the design of THE HIVE cards series.

Now, after a period of reflection, Brendan has embarked on his first solo adventure: DYNASTY Playing Cards.

With a very personal style, Brendan uses his oriental roots to create a very peculiar deck full of references to the Chinese culture. These references are wisely mixed with the traditional cards creating a really interesting set. The court cards depict characters taken from any epic tale carrying weapons and other complements with strong cultural and historical connotations. The suits have been completely customized with a stylish and unique look.


Dynasty_JadeCourt Dynasty_ImperialCourt


Two different editions, both printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, will be created: the Jade Edition with the tuck case and back in green,  and the Imperial Red Edition, with a more elaborated tuck case, embossed and red foiled inside and outside, limited to 1000 units and with some differences with the Jade edition as the border design, jokers or the ace of spades.


Dynasty_2backs Dynasty_2queens Dynasty_2kings Dynasty_2jokers Dynasty_2aces


You cannot miss the opportunity to support such a talented artist so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!