TELIAD Playing Cards. The fantasy world is now a reality

You will remember I announced two weeks ago the imminent release of the latest deck by Passione Playing Cards: TELIAD.

The project was launched just a few days ago and it has been a success. With more than three weeks left, it is practically funded.




As I told you, the project offers an interesting interpretation of a fantasy world inhabited by humans, elves, orcs and dwarves. The deck not only shows a handful of nice illustrations but tells its own story full of struggles, adventures, lights and shadows around its characters.

There are three different editions of the deck, each one with its own personality. Heren Teliad speaks about nature and life, Teliad Alfrin about eternal life and Teliad Dur about darkness. Each one has its own design and color pattern but all have been worked in detail and presented in a very beautiful way. Heren is the “standard” deck, with a clean harmony of colors and a tuck case with gold foil on a brown background. Alfrin is the limited edition, with a combination of bold colors, metallic inks and a striking case with only 1000 decks printed. Dur is the deck that will be unlocked as a stretch goal, so dark in the cards and in the tuck case than in its own story.



All decks will be printed by LPCC with Elite finish and I wish the best of luck to this team of enthusiasts dedicated to designing beautiful quality decks.

If you have not yet done so, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!