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06 March

TELIAD Playing Cards. The fantasy world is now a reality

You will remember I announced two weeks ago the imminent release of the latest deck by Passione Playing Cards: TELIAD. The project was launched just a few days ago and it has been a success. With more than three weeks left, it is practically funded.     As I told you, the project offers an interesting interpretation of a fantasy world inhabited by humans, elves, orcs and dwarves. The deck not only shows a handful of nice illustrations but tells…

20 February

TELIAD Playing Cards. The “Passione” for Fantasy World inspired by Tolkien

Passione Playing Cards is synonymous with refined work and beautiful design. Born as a project with Italian artists, their decks have shown a major effort to excel in this increasingly complex world of playing cards.     A few months ago I showed you some exclusive pictures of the upcoming release of Passione: TELIAD. I have had the opportunity to talk to Riccardo Conturbia and he told me some details about the production of this new deck that will be soon on…