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22 October

PINOCCHIO Playing Cards. If you say you do not like them, your nose will grow

Among all the classic children’s stories, Pinocchio is one of the most touching, although the sweet image that most of us have thanks to the Disney animation classic has little to do with the (sometimes cruel) story originally written by Carlo Collodi and published between 1882 and 1883. Passione Playing Cards has made a masterpiece inspired by the classic: PINOCCHIO. The essence of an Italian story like this could only be captured by an Italian artist like Elettra Deganello, an…

06 March

TELIAD Playing Cards. The fantasy world is now a reality

You will remember I announced two weeks ago the imminent release of the latest deck by Passione Playing Cards: TELIAD. The project was launched just a few days ago and it has been a success. With more than three weeks left, it is practically funded.     As I told you, the project offers an interesting interpretation of a fantasy world inhabited by humans, elves, orcs and dwarves. The deck not only shows a handful of nice illustrations but tells…

28 February

Love is Smoke Playing Cards. Smoke gets in your eyes… or perhaps it is the darkness

  In late 2014, the newly created brand Passione launched the Christmas edition of his first creation, Love is a Smoke, a limited print run of 100 decks already sold out. Celebrating this success, Pasisone just launched a completely redesigned re-edition of Love is a Smoke. From the originals by Marco Guerrieri, Maurizio Toccafondi revamped the illustrations to get an elegant deck with comic style, inspired by mysterious characters that evoke memories of the underworld and night. Of course, all them…

26 January

Passione Playing Cards. Style and Design Made In Italy

  If you put together a playing cards collector and lover and a talented artist what you get can have only one name: Passion, but if they both are Italian what you get is Passione. That’s exactly the case of Riccardo Conturbia and Maurizio Toccafondi, the collector and the artist together to fund a new playing card brand. Passione has been created to work mainly with Italian artists in order to link the playing cards industry with the talent of…