Gods of Mythology Bicycle deck. Gods and godesses wait for printing


Some months ago I was talking about a Mythological deck created by Marci Brinker. Unfortunately the project didn’t get the funds enough to be printed but Mike Guistolise appreciated the creative talent on this cards and agreed with the creator to print the deck under his new own brand on Collectable playing cards. This way, the Bicycle Gods of Mythology deck has been relaunched with a much lower funding goal.

In this deck, the artist have featured characters from four different mythologies, one per suit. It depicts different gods and goddesses for the court cards having in mind any iconic elements and symbols each one might have and adapts everything to the style of standard face cards. This way, Zeus, the King of Hearts, is “committing suicide” with a bolt of lightning. Going deeper among gods and other elements has also be really useful for her to learn a lot about mythology.

As said before, each suit represents one mythology. This way, hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades are related to Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian mythologies. There are 52 cards, completely customized plus two jokers, one double backed card and a gaff card for magic tricks.

The deck will be printed for sure by the USPCC under Bicycle brand and it is expected to be delivered next February 2014 so don’t hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge to take advantage of this relaunch.

Good luck!