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25 October

Gods of Mythology Bicycle deck. Gods and godesses wait for printing

  Some months ago I was talking about a Mythological deck created by Marci Brinker. Unfortunately the project didn’t get the funds enough to be printed but Mike Guistolise appreciated the creative talent on this cards and agreed with the creator to print the deck under his new own brand on Collectable playing cards. This way, the Bicycle Gods of Mythology deck has been relaunched with a much lower funding goal. In this deck, the artist have featured characters from four…

19 July

Gods of Mythology Bicycle deck. Thor and Isis dance together while Apollo plays the lyre

  My readers know that I like to talk about dreams, and most of the dreams I talk about have the same end, a great deck of cards. Working as a designer and illustrator, and drawing for as long as she can remember, Marci Brinker wanted to make something special, creative, different and, among all, her own project. The intricate details of the cards she remembered since she was a child carried her to the idea of designing a deck…