Golden Spike Playing Cards. Two decks in the same train


You might remember the artist Jody Eklund (Fluent, Inc.), illustrator of the cool and unfairly unfunded Hipster deck. He decided to face a new challenge and designed this amazing deck of cards: Golden Spike.

Golden Spike is inspired by the 1st Transcontinental Railroad in the USA.  The name of the deck comes from the golden spike made for the celebration of the railroad completion in 1869. That spike driven into the ground meant the beginning of a new era of industry and communication in the United States of America.



The technique for the illustration tries to mimic the aspect of the engraving and lithographs of that period and every card shows  a deep study of the historical moment.

There will be two editions of this deck and, in this case, each edition will be printed by a different company. The Bicycle branded edition, printed by the USPCC, and the Gold Edition, printed with metallic inks by the LPCC, so this won’t be the same deck with different tuck cases, but two different decks with different stocks and finishes and a common design with some differences too.



These decks are amazing and the campaign will be a success for sure so enjoy the hi-res images in the gallery, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!