Galaxy cards 2nd edition. Something more than a reprint

Perhaps you remember previous projects by AlieN InK, Galaxy and Flowers. After a series of vicissitudes, a renewed company eager to work has launched a new project: Galaxy Cards 2nd edition.


This new edition maintains the same concept as its predecessor, but many elements have been redesigned such as the pip set, the layout, pictures and, of course, the back and the tuck case.



Furthermore, there are two finishes of the deck available for backers, paper and plastic, to meet the needs of any type of card fans (players, magicians, manipulators or collectors). In addition, a “mini” version of the deck will be printed.

The design is very interesting and I am sure this time Alien Ink will do an impeccable job with their backers. You can get more information and make your contribution at the project website.

Good Luck!