30 November

Defunctorum Cruor Playing Cards. The deck with metallic blood


Do you remember the Defunctorum decks created by by Roman Kotiv (NOIR Arts) and inspired by the Day of the Dead? Well, the project was such a success that had a sequel in a second project that offers a new variation of the deck: Defunctorum Cruor.

Cruor (Bloody) is the perfect complement to its sisters Nox and Dies. The deck shares their design but uses gold, silver and red metallic inks creating a much more disturbing atmosphere and a very impressive result.

Only 500 copies of this deck will be printed so it is a truly limited edition. Each deck will have a numbered seal and will be accompanied by a signed certificate.

The embossed tuck case will use red foil to enhance even more its strong personality. Furthermore, if you missed the first campaign, you will have the opportunity to get Nox and Die decks as add-ons of Cruor.

Do not hesitate and grab the Defunctorum collection. Visit the project website  and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



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