Unique Design Playing Cards. A colorful and Unique Design


I have to admit Landry Sanders is the creator I have talked about in Max Playing Cards  most determined to get his deck printed. This is the fourth time  (and I am sure it will be the last one) Landry tries to express his art through a deck of cards: Unique Design.

Every card in the deck is different, full of color, made with symmetrical shapes. Each suit has also a different color and all the pips and numbers have been redesigned too. This is a four color pips deck, something already seen but not very common at all.

This time he has decided to go with Make Playing Cards for the printing. This way, he can better control the number of decks printed and, therefore, the expenditure. For that reason, he can keep a lower funding goal adapting it to the backers’ demand.

If you like this color explosion, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

I sincerely wish Landry the best luck. I think he deserves the success in this project, not only for his obstinacy, but for the originality and charm of this deck.

Good luck!