A-GLO decks. Multicolor Playing Cards that glow in the dark

The quest for originality and differentiating aspects in the card design is, undoubtedly, an added value that card fans appreciate in this raising of the playing cards offer in the market. In pursuit of this originality, 421 Creations, a dynamic creative group eager to gain a foothold in this hard business, have been working for months on a new and special concept: the A-GLO DECK.




A-GLO cards have been designed to not go unnoticed. Fluorescent designs with a multicolor suits scheme attract our attention at first sight. But one of the most interesting features of this deck is that the cards will be printed using ultraviolet (UV) inks. This special feature will make the cards glow in the dark under a black light showing different designs.




This is the third revision of the deck (what the call 2.1), as they tried to fund it before, but they have learnt a lot about crowdfunding and playing cards and they have improve the original designs and the original campaign.



Although this is not the first time I talk about cards using this technology, it is certainly something very unusual which gives this deck a twist. The deck will be printed by the USPCC, which itself is novel in that as there are not many references of decks printed by the USPCC with ultraviolet ink (one of the most popular is the Tragic Royalty that has been an historic best-seller).

Two different editions, in red and in blue, with a very striking aesthetics will printed. Both decks will be part of two very limited print-runs of 1000 units.



The images speak for themselves so, if you like these decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!