LA CATRINA DEAD EDITION Playing Cards. This beautiful girls are not alive anymore

After completing their first project about La Catrina, Joc Fora, a young Spanish company dedicated to design and audiovisual creation, launch their second deck: LA CATRINA DEAD EDITION.

If the first deck was inspired by the illustrations of the famous Jose Guadalupe Posada, this new edition is much more mysterious and disturbing. The essential aesthetic elements are red roses and skeletal bodies, unmistakable symbols of traditional Mexican imagery. These new designs are less linear and symbolic with richly detailed illustrations. Death virgins decorate the court cards in a symmetrical classic pattern in which jacks, queens and kings share the same pose (for better identification) but their colors and costumes make them unique among the others.




Aces are red and black roses shaped with the traditional suits while the numbered cards remind their his predecessors. A back formed by an elaborate composition of red roses complete the interesting design of these cards.




To improve the quality of the previous deck and given the very limited print run thought for this edition (about 250 units), the creators have decided to use Noir Arts (NPCC) for printing, as it is right now the best choice to combine a small print run, high quality and service and a reasonable price.

If you want to support the campaign, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good death!