Secrets about The Different deck. No add-ons, just cards, but quite different and cool


Just a few days ago, I wrote about the new deck by Brian Daniel South and Teach by Magic. The deck was a new and fresh idea as its own name clearly states: The Different deck.

I published Brian’s own words about the deck but there are more info and images in the campaign so I wanted to make a small article about it and about some well known secrets.



The Different deck is quite different, because each card is flipped and instead of a king of hearts you will find a heart of kings. Each card has been carefully designed to represent the spirit of the deck. Symbols, ambigrams, words in multiple languages ??… Everything is different and everything is captivating.

There are many secrets behind the card design and there is also some secrets in the project itself. There are, for the moment, two decks planned. A Bicycle branded deck (limited) and printed on white cards, and the unlimited deck, printed using an old paper style.



While the back of the limited deck, full of symbols and hidden imagery, has been already shown, the unlimited deck back will be a secret till the end, but not only the end of the campaign but the delivery process. The back will be decided among the backers’ suggestions and the person whose design is selected for the final back will receive 144 decks as a gift.



Regarding the pledges, you can choose among many of them, but there is one specially interesting, the H.O.P.E. sticker one. Although you are supposedly to get just one sticker in this level ($37), there is a cool gift hidden on it. Every of the (up to) 620 backers will receive two extra decks of each branded/unbranded model. That’s four decks plus the sticker but, if the project reaches the stretch goal, two extra black decks will be added to the reward. Black decks? Have you said black decks? Didn’t you mention there are only two decks in the campaign? Well, I said this project is full of secrets so you have to read everything carefully.

Of course, you have to trust on the creator to pledge for that hidden reward because the info you have read has been directly provided by Brian and the play rules include not to reveal this in the campaign website but only outside the campaign, so pledge at your own risk.



Brian has also added something cool and fresh in the project: the uncut sheet. Of course, the Different deck must have a different uncut and, in this case, it is also full of messages and hidden words. The numbers are related to different letters (like in a phone keypad) and if you spend some time reading them you will find, like in a crosswords, many surprises. So this is a game made of games.



He has also added a new sticker, the LOVE one, for all the backers of the project that back at least one deck (so yes HOPE stickers will get LOVE too :) ).

In less than one day the project was almost funded so don’t hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!