THE OTHER KINGDOM Playing Cards. Magic golden birds will alight on your shoulder

As a reader of Max Playing Cards, you perfectly know Natalia Silva, a creative artist with a very special style. This time, Natalia presents us something quite different: THE OTHER KINGDOM.




Leaving behind her funny and vector style, The Other Kingdom is a very elegant deck with a high level of detail. Loving vector characters give way here to more stylized illustrations, inspired by birds as magical animals, symbol of eternal life, wisdom and intelligence.




The designs play with simple but very elegant colors, gold and white, contrasting with the gold and black tuck case that will be specially striking when gold foiled and embossed (as a stretch goal).

The characters in the court cards are really beautiful, all accompanied by a mystical bird. Every card has been customized, beautifully decorated, with ornate aces and a nice symmetrical back.





The cards will be printed by the USPCC in Bicycle stock and air-cushion finish, in a limited edition of 2500 decks.

If you like the images, show your support to Natalia, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!