BIG BROTHER Playing Cards. The deck that keeps an eye on you

Big Brother is a superior entity first introduced by George Orwell in 1984 in his novel about a dystopian society. This enigmatic, controlling and omnipresent being has served as inspiration for a new deck: BIG BROTHER.

This is the second deck by Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) after successfully completing the production of his Art of the Con deck. Taking a watchful eye as the main design element, the entire aesthetic of the deck has been built around it.



The cards maintain the traditional structure with a small customization using the big eye in the center of each court card. The usual coloring has been converted to a much more basic scheme with red and blue tones and white backgrounds. This keeps the usability of the deck for card games.



As stretch goal, neon inks will be used to make cards glowing under UV-light.



The back shows a symmetrical composition with simple, thick lines and white edges that create interesting fans.



Ace of spades and jokers are depictions of big brother with disturbing illustrations that can serve as interesting stories in magic routines.



Three different tuck cases have been designed and each backer can choose to their liking. Each tuck will have a different foil in cobalt blue, silver and gold.



A custom seal has also been designed to hide a bold inner printing.



The decks will be printed by NPCC (Noir Arts) so they will undoubtedly be a very careful and quality work.

If you want to get any of them (or the whole set), visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!