Æsir deck. The doomsday cards according to Norse mythology

According to the Viking prophecy, on February 22, 2014 the wolf Fenrir will try to devour Odin, the great god of the Æsir, the pantheon of Norse gods. The launch of the Æsir deck takes advantage of such a terrible omen and its funding period ends exactly the day after the doomsday.

The court cards show a selection of characters of the Norse mythology being the main one the god Odin, who exchanged an eye to be able to drink from the Well of Wisdom becoming the god of battle, poetry, magic, and wisdom. The kings are gods, the queens their wives and the jacks their sons.

The illustrations are beautiful and the suits are customized and each has its own meaning. The back and the box are also full of symbolism and inspiration.

The project is about to be funded. If you want to raise your pledge you can visit the project website. If the prophecy is not fulfilled, you will have your reward, otherwise, you will have much more important things to worry about .

Good Luck!