METAL DECK by Max. The very first one of a series


Max Playing Cards has been supporting and spreading the voice about playing card designs from artists all over the world. The main objective has always been to help them to see how their dreams come true and to see in the decks something more than a set of cards, but an authentic story. I also have a story and a dream, and I would be pleased to share them with you.

After some years working and going up and down with this idea and after hundreds hours looking for the very best result, I am really proud to show you my very first deck: METAL DECK.

This deck comprises all my past, my present and, in some way, my future as a card lover and collector. It is inspired on my beginnings and also on my wishes. Working on this deck has made me learn a lot about myself and about others too, and the experience has been amazing.

The deck will be a real project soon, and I will reveal all its details as soon as some final touches and decisions are taken, but having a look to the image, you will be able to imagine a lot of things about it.

It won’t be alone. METAL RIDER BACK deck by Max will be the first of the TEXTURE SERIES, so you can let your imagination fly about the next ones.

Please, keep imagining things and keep in touch