Gettysburg Decks by Tomlinson Playing Card Company. The decisive battle


July 1-3, 1863, during the American Civil War, a battle was fought. It involved the largest number of causalities of the entire war, having been considered the most decisive moment of the whole conflict: The Battle of Gettysburg . Among all the playing cards creators I know, the one most interested in the US history and its wars is undoubtedly Robert Tomlinson. Robert now presents his latest creation inspired by this battle: Gettysburg Playing Cards.

The creator of the Unrest series and the successful Titanic campaign has designed two different decks, the Union deck in blue and the Confederate deck in red. He has also included, as he did in his previous campaign, a custom seal that will make every deck more unique. Each seal (1,500 print run per deck) will be dedicated to an important person, monument, cannon or historical building related to the battle. You can even reserve a specific seal just adding a small amount to your pledge. It is also possible to customize the deck even more including an explanatory card about the character or element represented on the seal.

But one of the most important changes in this campaign has to do with the printing process. Although Robert has entrusted all his previous creations to USPCC, he has decided to go this time with his own printing company: Tomlinson Playing Card Company.

For a long time, Robert and his wife Diane, both playing cards creators, have had a lot of trials trying different varnishes and paper to get the feel they were looking for. They are also excited to be able to have the option of having embossing, gold foil stamping and inside tuck printing for the tuck cases. These are options that they couldn’t afford with USPCC.

This deck is the first step towards creating quality cards with a much lower cost that can even been used by other creators in the future. In case the funding raises to the stretch goal, one of the decks (Union) will be printed by the USPCC and the other by TPCC.

If you like the decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!