Titanic Bicycle decks. The playing cards that will never sink


After several successful campaigns, Robert and Diane Tomlinson launch one of the most amazing projects I have seen this year. It is a fantastic idea and very well executed: The Titanic Playing Cards.



Inspired on the sadly famous ship, the design of the deck is full of sensitivity and every detail has been carefully treated. The design includes portraits of relevant passengers in the court cards and a nice jokers diptych. The back design is inspired in the dome above Titanic’s staircase.



But this is not only a project about a single deck. The creators have invented a fantastic way to make each deck completely original and unique. They have created two different Bicycle tuck cases: Life and Death. Each one pays tribute to those who could survive to the disaster and who died under the sea.



To make them even more unique, each deck will have a seal with the personal data of one passenger (name, age, sex, class and a serial number). There will be 710 Life decks and 1,514 Death decks, one per passenger. The rest of the decks produced won’t have seals (although they are thinking about including other people connected to the Titanic in some way.



Due to the great success among the backers, there will also be an unbranded edition with a standar USPCC seal (so the serious collectors won’t need to break the special seals of the branded editions)



Furthermore, they have prepared a DeLuxe edition deck that will be printed by EPCC.



Most of the pledge tiers have been sold out so visit the project website and try to pick any up before they completely disappear under the ocean of backers.

Good luck!