GEMINI CASINO Playing Cards. The empire of fictional casinos with the greatest variety of colors

After posting about Cherry Casino series, many readers have asked me about similar series, especially one of them: GEMINI CASINO.

Gemini Decks is a young company that has achieved a huge success thanks to its minimalist and geometric creations with bold colors, especially popular with cardistry fans. Among its decks we find Gemini Casino, playing cards from a fictional casino that collects the essence and inspiration of the most vintage Las Vegas. In this article I will review this popular series.



I have had the opportunity to speak with Toomas Pintson, the creator of Gemini decks and I have asked him some questions so I share with you the answers that he has kindly provided me to know a little more about the company and also about this series.


What’s Gemini Decks and where it comes from?

When I decided to create my own playing card company back in 2016 i needed a name and Gemini seemed like a logical choice. I’m born in June and my astrological sign is Gemini. The first deck I ever designed I named Gemini Casino. There were many other names I was thinking on using as the company’s name but i always found my way back to Gemini. Since everybody used “playing cards” in their company’s name or shop’s domain name i decided to use “decks” instead and i named my store domain to be a bit different. This also became the company’s.




What’s the background of Gemini Casino artist?

I have a background in advertising industry where i have worked as a multimedia designer mostly doing animations and editing for TV commercials. I also do a lot of 3D designs that can be seen on one of my Instagram accounts @pint5on.c4d I’m also into card magic and cardistry which i have been doing on and off since 2004.




What’s the plans for the future of Gemini casino decks?

Current plans are to release couple more new colors but in larger print runs, maybe experiment with new tuck designs like I did with the yellow deck and maybe also release luxury editions that would feature foil and embossing on the tucks. I actually want to focus more on my new casino deck designs like Safari Casino and couple more casino designs I have in the works.


Is there any relationship between the series and Safari Casino deck?

Yes and it will become clearer once we release more Casino themed decks. Basically the idea is that like currently in Las Vegas many different casinos are owned by one company (for example MGM Resorts owns Luxor, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Arial, Excalibur etc) I want to create many different made up casino brands owned by Gemini Decks . We are releasing soon more casino themed decks such as Bacarat Casino, White Pearl Casino and many more.



What’s the reason to change the stock you used (Legends, Bee, Bicycle crushed, …)?

The first edition was printed by Legends Playing Card Company because it was cheaper to print than through USPCC. Since I couldn’t use Kickstarter I printed the minimum quantity just to see how this product would sell. Just to test it out. Once I started printing through USPCC I experimented with different stocks. It being casino deck it seemed logical to print the second edition using (Bee) premium casino stock. Then the 3rd one we printed using (Bicycle) Classic crushed stock which I really liked. For some reason I printed the Orange and Collector’s edition using (Bee) premium casino stock. I really can’t remember why but i guess i just wanted to take break from the crushed stock. All other Gemini Casino decks have been printed using (Bicycle) Classic crushed stock if i remember correctly. Currently we print all our decks using (Bicycle) Classic crushed stock and if this isn’t available then none crushed (Bicycle) Classic stock.



12 different variations of the Gemini Casino have been produced. Here you have a summary of all of them with relevant information (printer, print-run and stock)

  1. Gemini Casino Vegas Blue – Summer 2016. 1000 print run. Legends. Classic finish
  2. Gemini Casino Red  – Spring 2017. 2500 print run. USPCC. Bee casino stock
  3. Gemini Casino Royal Blue – Fall 2017. 3000 print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  4. Gemini Casino Black – Spring 2018. 2871 print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  5. Gemini Casino Orange – Fall 2018. 2500 print run. USPCC. Bee stock
  6. Gemini Casino Collector’s Edition – Winter 2019. 1000 print run. USPCC. Bee stock
  7. Gemini Casino Green  – Summer 2019. 1100 print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  8. Gemini Casino Gold edition – Summer 2019. 1200 decks print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  9. Gemini Casino Purple – Winter 2020. 1100 print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  10. Gemini Casino Yellow – Summer 2020. 1200 print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  11. Gemini Casino Pink – Summer 2020. 1100 numbered print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock
  12. Gemini Casino Gold Gilded edition – Fall 2020. 144 numbered print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock



In addition, with collectors in mind, two special editions of the so-called Gemini Casino 1975 have been launched this year.

  1. Gemini Casino 1975 Blue – Spring 2020 – 1100 numbered print run. USPCC. Bicycle thin crushed stock. Special edition of 80 decks without seal.
  2. Gemini Casino 1975 Orange– Summer 2020 – 1200 numbered print run. USPCC. Bicycle stock. Special edition of 92 decks without seal.
As you can see, a prolific series that claims to continue releasing more variations and editions in the future of this and other fictional casinos under the Gemini Decks Empire.


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