Mardi Gras Deck. Playing Cards to enjoy even in Lent


The day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, represents the last chance for believers to enjoy carnal pleasures (including those culinary). Therefore, that day is known in some places as the “Fat Tuesday“, especially in its French term “Mardi Gras“. Next February 17th it will be held in New Orleans one of the most colorful festivals in the United States and also the inspiration for a new deck of cards: Mardi Gras.

Inspired by the carnival celebration, Mardi Gras playing cards have been carefully illustrated by Dave Edgerly, the talented designer behind Edgy Brothers‘ creations (Día de los Muertos, Grimoire, …).

Everything in the deck has been customized, full of references to the festivity and its colors: purple, green and gold that represent justice, faith and power. An intricate design for the back, court cards ready for the parade and an ace of spades containing the popular “King Cake”, the typical sweet that hides a figurine that gives good luck to those who find it (without swallowing it).

The deck, printed by the Expert Playing Card Company, will be printed with additional design elements that will make it even more beautiful, such as gold metallic inks in the cards and gold foil in the tuck box. You shouldn’t miss it.

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Good luck!