Different deck Green Back Edition. Something different, more than a simple color change, a matter of L.U.C.K.


The Different decks campaign by  Teach by Magic was one of the most interesting and successful last year raising over $70,000 and with more than 1,500 backers. It was exciting, fun and full of surprises, puzzles and curiosities. Now, Brian South launches a new campaign: Different Deck Green Back Edition.



While it might seem that this is a new deck with a simgle back color change (to take advantage of the success of its predecessors), Brian has demonstrated once again to be an original and imaginative creator.



Although the green deck is based on the original, full of symbols and hidden images in multiple languages and graphics, this edition incorporates some new features. Besides the back color change, the four aces have been redesigned to include a money theme. The first of the aces has been already revealed in the campaign and I am pleased to show you the second one in exclusive.



But the real goal of this project is to offer its backers all those extras that could not be created in the previous campaign (coins, dice, tees, poker chips, …).



Another interesting aspect is that the cards will be printed by Make Playing Cards in a limited run exclusive for the project backers, so they won’t probably be available after the campaign.

Many people have asked Brian if there is a secret backer level like the HOPE level last time and his official answer to that is:

I have not announced any secret level – but keep in mind the theme for this project is L.U.C.K :)

There are interesting stretch goals that include a Bicycle branded Green deck, cool poker chips and even a gold Bicycle deck if it reached the same amount raised in the previous campaign.

The project is already funded and unlocked some surprises, but do not miss the rest of the days that will be exciting for sure. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good L.U.C.K!